MTC bound

This is the post excerpt.

This is our first official blog and and i’m sure our novices will show.  Greenies as they call them in the mission field.  We decided to attempt to do this blog instead of emailing everyone so that you can come and go at your leisure and it provides for us a type of journal of our mission.  We welcome your expertise and advise.

MTC bound: July 16th Sunday (Flight about 12 noon)

It was amazing that no matter how prepared you thought you were,  last minute packing with the knowledge “you an’t coming back”, was remarkably stressful to say the least.  I got about 2 hours sleep, Wendy got none, despite being aided by her sister all night long and into the morning hours. Did we really complete all our many tasks?  Did we leave instructions to those left behind ?  Was it the right instructions ?  Was PGE, AT&T, Trash, Insurance, Cars (sold or stored properly), Will Documents up to date, Alarm Co., Propane,  Pest Control, Bank, Credit Cards, Property Taxes, Internet, TV, Phones, Prescriptions, Doctors, Dentists (teeth all there, check)  Etc. Etc., Etc…..  Oh yeah and little things like Passports & Visas requirements, with all punctuations and periods, exact!!  Pets! Yikes.  No worries, right.  It’s time to go!!  No we can’t!!  Yes we can (cry, cry…).  We will!!

Some inkling of reality was felt when emotions ran high at the airport saying goodbye to all.  Not sure if it is possible to comprehend what we are about to do.  Preparations do allow  some semblance of reality but too many unknowns keep it ever at bay.  It is however with surety that we know we are doing as the Lord wants us to do at this time.

MTC (Missionary Training Center) bound with luggage in tow, under weight limit (barely) and clearing  customs (soon not to be the case).   We were off?   Not without incident as we were in the boarding area and got a call that our truck which we brought to the airport to accommodate our luggage and Tyson was to bring back, was not going anywhere with the keys still in my pocket.  Oh well a shipped box from Provo and a two day fee at the airport would of solved the mess but alas, a quick run back, due to my superior shape i was in and a quick throw over security, voila.

Everything about the MTC was amazing and just as described.  It challenged us and moved us at the same time.  Highlights were- working with other senior couples and becoming friends, Preach My Gospel lessons, the atmosphere (electrifying), walking amongst young missionaries everywhere (surrounded by beautiful flowered gardens), cafeteria eating with this group of 2800, and then of course seeing Jessica everyday.  Oh, and of course being with my sweetheart!  So my “not without a incident episode” was, I forgot my travel razor bag!  Don’t you guys dare ask how.  After three days and a slight more than grubbing looking character appeared, everyone was asking “How”?  Fed Ex to the rescue.


Just to inform you that the reason we are seeing Jessica at MTC is because she received her mission call at the same time that we did and she is going to the Fort Collins, Colorado Mission.


Sunday before we left, we decided it would be nice to go to Salt Lake and the Spoken Word.  Our good friends Steve and Kip Cleveland (pictured below) to our quandary and lent us their car for the day.  Spoken Word was awe inspiring to be there in person and see and witness something so iconic and historical.  Many were in attendance and therefore it was held in the Conference Center not the usually historic tabernacle on Temple Square. This was partly due to the fact that it was the day before Pioneer Day (official holiday) which marks the day when the first group of pioneers being forced to leave Navoo, Illinois (where the Prophet Joseph Smith was martyred) made their arduous journey across the plains where many died in hopes of a better life without persecution, and entered the great Salt Lake valley and then Pres. Brigham Young made his famous declaration “This is the place “, July 24th 1847.  Also in attendance was Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf second counselor in the first presidency seated in front row and us just 6 rows behind him and of course Wendy thinks she is going to try to shake his hand when it’s all over and I just grinned at her desire and naiveness with security and all.  As he departed with his family and wife near his side Wendy tries to follow weaving in and out of the rows and chairs in front of us and all of a sudden he sees a friend i’m supposing and comes over to the crowd who also thinks like Wendy and I’ll be darn if he doesn’t reach out  and shake her hand!!!  That hand was to touch nothing else that afternoon, ha.  Just so you know of the non-members who are following us that it is a great honor and very rare that one would ever be able to even get a chance to get close to these men of the hierarchy of the church because they are so busy and travel so much and carry such a strong spirit with them, that we are blessed to even be in the vicinity with them.  They have dedicated so much of their personal lives that they truly help us to understand what sacrifice means.

Now it’s goodbye once again.  As the three of us did our group family hug (x3) it became more real than ever, that we weren’t going to see Jessica nor was she going to see us for 18 mos.  Heart breaking but a wonderful spirit was felt.  We all knew that we had higher callings.

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