Gezuar Krishtlindjet! Merry Christmas

We wish you all Merry Christmas and Vitin E Ri Te Lumtur!!(happy new year).  We miss you all and pray all is well.  We spent our Christmas Eve last night providing for four Elder missionaries serving in our district, a wonderful Wendy famous breaded chicken dinner and desert.  We can look out our balcony and see our little town, which makes us feel right at home for the holidays as they display  their decorations and lights.  You can feel the effect of the influence of USA, as in most areas for shopping they play all american Christmas music.  It is interesting that most of all these decorations and festive look is for the New Years, not for Christmas, which has far more importance than any other holiday.  Actually as you think about it, the war that is waging in all countries including the US to make Santa and the New Years celebration of more importance than anything to do with Christ.  We must hold our “light” high on the “hill”,  so “all” may see.  “Light the World”

Tree decorating committee






This Christmas store we discovered in Tirana (capital) has got to be one of the finest and expensive Christmas stores I have ever seen, even back home.  As well as these pictures of bread stores which make Eddies bakery look weak.  It’s crazy the dichotomy that exist here.



Finest Mercedes and the horse and wagon

Just out for an evening stroll with your sheep

2 thoughts on “Gezuar Krishtlindjet! Merry Christmas”

  1. So proud of you both! You will always remember your Christmas in the mission field. Hope your health has been good for the both of you. Thank you for your service!


  2. Thankyou Melanie. We always enjoy your comments and to know your out there. We had a good talk with our daughter Jessica in Wyoming with some snow on the ground and our kids back home. We fed the Elders and let them use our devices to talk to their families. It’s good to have this large circle of family and friends communicating around the world.
    Hope all is well with yours.
    Elder and Sister Lewis


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