Now this is a Palace!!!

To a confine hotel room to now a mansion, or at least it seems to us, we are definitely “moving on up to the east side…to a deluxe apartment in the sky” as the Jeffersons would say.  Lets just say we now can take more than 3 steps in several directions and it is glorious.  We absolutely love are apartment and the decor and color scheme suits us.  One bathroom, one bedroom, one office/storage room, and one living area.  So i’ll include photos but you must know that we are on the 5th floor which is the top floor of this building and have one of the largest balconies that I’ve seen in this area, so we have amazing views of the city.  Something like “after the trial of your faith… then comes the blessings”.  To boot we are the only persons living on this floor and so far we have our own private mini elevator that even plays music!! Very rare.

Speaking of elevators, which are ubiquitous here in Albania, because of the city life style of 90% of the people, we hear a lot of stories about Elders being trapped for different periods of time, including a Senior couple for almost an hour.  Oh, did I forget to mention  that since being in this area that the electricity has gone out on us almost every single day!!  Sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours and one time for the entire day.  Albanian luck I suppose, but we do remember the previous couple telling us to bring a flashlight and not saying why.  With that being said, my wife has this fear of being stuck in an elevator even before coming to Albania and so has elected to take the stairs our first day here in our palace.  Try as I may on convincing her that won’t happen, she, as wives sometimes do, just gives me one of those looks that says, “right”.  So of course, as our Albania luck would have it, after a combo of persuasion and exhaustion, she relents and gives in.  Her VERY FIRST!! trip together in our elevator the electricity goes out!!!  If looks could kill I would have been dead, but alas, it is pitch dark in the elevator, yeah!  Wait!!  My ears are exposed, dang!! mormon slang.  Then after singing a hymn and praying……, on her own, she starts prying on the doors and low and behold they open.  Whew….., and we were able to exit.  So…… you would think, that’s it, no more elevator, from now on calves of steel from the stairs or bust, but for some reason prying on those doors herself, gave her a new found confidence that even if this happens again, she would be alright.  Hiroshima here we come.


2 thoughts on “Now this is a Palace!!!”

  1. Good job on the mission! Not easy living without electricity! Most of my mission I had none. You guys are really getting tough. So jealous of you guys-I would return to my mission in a heartbeat. Take care of yourselves.


  2. You guys are so funny! Great post. Thank you for sharing. I loved “The Jeffersons” reference. Really made my day. Hang in there. Looking forward to hearing how you’re doing with the language. Do you have many phrases yet?


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