We call it “Home”

Ok, as promised, the answer to our cardboard quiz.  They use cardboard sometimes to act like a buffer from sitting on cold moist tile or cement benches (no frozen buns!).    HOWEVER, with that being said, it’s main use is found in all it’s glory as a cushion or game-board for “dominoes”.   On any given day sometimes hundreds of older men gather in the park to display their skills in dominoes.  No women whatsoever.  This buffer or cushion, not only acts as a scorecard, with which they can write on, but with occasionally arguing and vocal outburst, the winner, emphatically SLAPS, his victory domino onto the cardboard and declares himself supreme !!!  The last piece played.

Our Home Street – From our apartment balcony, if you listened carefully, off in the  distance, you can hear the sound of an ambulance, though faint, but knowingly, it will get progressively louder and louder, until it rings in our ears.  If you remember, we live next door from the only hospitals in the city.  The 4 different types of sirens always end on our street, as well as the occasional emergency car who is acting like a ambulance (perfectly acceptable here), honking their horn all the way to the entrance, usually with some kind of family emergency.

We live on the 6th floor, the top floor of our particular apartment building.  Some nights you could hear all the city sounds, as they echo off the different buildings surrounding us.  The city lights add quite a beautiful site in the evenings and add a touch of romanticism.  This small 300-yard street which we live on, offers quite a life of hustle and bustle.  This little street is on a gradual slope ascending as it makes it’s way upwards past our apartment and to the the top where the two separate hospitals are located, general and maturity.  The slope provides just enough cardio that we feel we are keeping the exercise requirements of missionaries.  On our street are three small vegetable fruit stands, one displaying assorted toys hanging from strings, that brings character and life to the lives of many who walk up and down, on their way to one of the hospitals, and with whom we conveniently and frequently purchase our sometimes-daily supply of fruits and  vegies.  On our street is one restaurant, that proudly displays the fact that they have air-conditioning, one hotel (Hotel International), about 5 or 6 other apartment buildings, two funeral shops, an eye clinic (of which our own Steven Fogg had donated some eye examination equipment, of all places and which if you wear the missionary badge, eye examination is free), six dentists and twelve, yes twelve pharmacies, with their flashing lights of advertisement, lined up almost one after the other.  Then there is the occasional street vendor spreading their wears of clothing, sun glasses, cellular phones, etc. on a blanket and the often present one to two gypsy, Roma beggars. From our apartment with an extended balcony you can hear 5x daily, chanting of the nearby muslin mosque, which competes with the loud orthodox bells, echoing from their tower and edifice just at the bottom of the street.  Around 9pm at night we will occasionally run into an older man who lives near the top of the hill, on his way back home from selling his small assortment of of items, mounted on a aging wheel chair, whose wobbling wheels are now starting to lose their rubber.  It is rather a hefty incline for such an elderly man.  We can’t help to stop and help him push his cart up the incline until we feel he can better make it on his own.

The experiences that have molded our hearts to love this place are indeed memorable.  When it all just boiled down to making such a simple decision, to just say “yes” to going on a mission, and then to realize it could have so easily gone the other direction, by just staying home, are decisions we are all faced with.  In time, we will have the pleasure of looking back at this brief moment and not regret a single memory.  Much was required, but much was gained.  Listening and then obeying the inner spirit we call the Holy Ghost, a member of the Godhead, helps us realize that which the Lord has said, “My work and my glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (woman)”.  Moses 1:39


Wendy helping push, as a veteran pioneer.


This is our HOME.  We love our little 300 yard street and all that it offers.

If you look closely you can see 5 pharmacies just in this section of our picture
Further up the street with 3 more pharmacies in view and a picture of a beauty queen
Night time view

This little Cafe is located on the daily path to the church and we thoroughly enjoy it’s seasonal change of decor.  Good memories and a lovely part of our Home here.

Enjoying our Anniversary

Gifted Elders (Elder Schneider, Idaho and Elder Ward, Michigan) made us two little cakes, (amazing, one gluten free), girls in our english class announcing our anniversary on the chalk board and sporting the the anniversary gift (new boots).  Very memorable …… and then some.

As it turns out, one of our english class students turns out to be one of the local TV and radio celebrities and wanted us to come on his show and present our message.  So if you are so inclined to see us nervously in action on the local TV show here.  Tune in.


Pictures from Home……


View from behind out house at sunset.

2 thoughts on “We call it “Home””

    1. Awesome!!!! Win again :))). Whoohoo…. so glad ur having such a good time and write so well. We all (about 6 of us really enjoy the blgod at work) thankyou for that!!!!


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