Down Under with Visitors from Mars

Some say 450,000 others say up to 750,000, needless to say, they are ubiquitous and they’re not going anywhere fast.  BUNKERS, BUNKERS, BUNKERS and more  BUNKERS…., made of concrete steel and rebar, built mostly from 1960 to 1980.  More were built for 2 to 3 individuals, some were built for 7 people, and then there were large ones, built for 200 plus individuals (which we visited, pictures enclosed), mostly for the government and leadership of Albania.  This was the paranoid communist dictator’s idea for war and the survival of his people.  Stagnate civilian targets or “tombs:”, as I call them.  Building them, crippled the already failing economy, which needed food, housing and infrastructure more than anything else.  Enver Hoxha, Stalinist, communist dictator from 1944 to 1985, has got to be remembered for the worst ideas ever.  Not only was he crippling the country but was set on a course to create the first only Atheist Country in the world, which he proudly proclaimed he accomplished.  Before his reign of tyranny, the country was 70% religious.  Can you Imagine the deaths, tortures and imprisonment that took place, in a country of 2 million people to achieve this goal?  After his death in 1985 Communism lasted but a few short years and was ousted in 1991. It is hard to believe that most of this was happening while I was of age serving my mission.  UNBELIEVABLE !

And then, came our visitors from Mars, well they might as well have been from Mars, as no one else has visited us since our arrival in Albania, it’s not exactly around the corner.  So who would?  Who else, but the world-famous travelers, Bryant and Karen Jolley.  My wife and I, who are homebodies generally, got the see the famous travelers in action and the kind of things they do when traveling. Never a dull moment, their visit was a delight.  We ate ice-cream (Bryant), visited the bunkers, called Bunk’Art, had some ice-cream (Bryant), rode the gondola up the mountain, had lunch and some ice-cream (Bryant), toured our little town, had some ice-cream (Bryant), and who would have known that Albania had their own Elderberry’s house.  We sat down for a 3 hour, 7 course dinner, and we’re hungry afterwards, no ice-cream unfortunately.  If you know Bryant, you’ll understand his unique philosophizing, when he says, “I can tell the economy or pricing structure of any country, by its pricing of ice-cream and Coke”, lol.  They no sooner got here and they were gone…….leaving us with two large bags of Pistachios and great memories.  Long live Bryant and Karen!!!

Since I know you guys obviously like contest, I’m enclosing this last picture in hopes that you don’t have nightmares about it.  Tell me what it is or represents and what is it being used for?


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